About Me

Mac Pham

Photo credit by An Do

“When I leave, it’ll be different. When my time is up and I walk away, people will view this place differently and they’ll view me differently” – CJ McCollum, professional NBA player

Mac Pham

My name is Mac Pham and I’m hoping to be a sports analyst. I’m currently writing in the sports section for San Diego State University’s school newspaper, “The Daily Aztec.” With this experience, I’m seeking an internship that revolves around sports writing. When I land an internship for sports writing, I’m looking to build my resume and ultimately look for a professional sports network where I can go beyond writing about sports. I enjoy doing break down of the details of a sports game, particularly basketball and football.

One thing I look to achieve as I seek a career in sports writing is being the best contributor I can be for a sports newspaper or company. I understand that I’m a role player in a sports newspaper or company. I want to be the best version of myself to provide what the sports newspaper or company needs while also contributing unique things that I can bring to the table. On social media, particularly Twitter, I like to live tweet with a breakdown of the current basketball and football games going on. I feel that this is an area that is unique and something that I can provide at an elite level.